Scanning & Digital Content Management


What is Scanning & Digital Content Management all about

This entails the scanning and indexing of documents onto a Web based system where it can be accessed and managed at any time, from any electronic device.

The volume of documentation a business generates increases exponentially as the business grows and more business processes are required. Managing this volume of documentation can become a challenge if the right tools are not made available and used.  

This is where we come in...

What does our Document Management System offer

At DocSolutions we do it all; Collect, scan, store, shred(if required) AND manage. Our  web based portal allows you to access your scanned documents online OR to share documents across your company.  Our system has multiple additional functionalities and tools to provide seamless document management and retrieval.

In a nutshell- We collect the files and documentation from your location, scan and index (taxonomy based on industry type) them onto your portal to retrieve, at any time. 

- Store

Keeping documentation securely and available for access by any of your business processes is no longer simply a business imperative but a legislative one as well. Today’s technology advancements have resulted in multiple options being available for businesses to securely store their documents. Is your business maximising the benefit these technologies bring? 

- Control

Managing quick and secure access to documentation may initially appear a simple matter. This simple task very quickly becomes complex when documents need to be shared among different people with different rights to the documentation. Add to this a volume of documentation and a business will very quickly expose itself not only failure in processes but also to the risk of sensitive information getting into the wrong hands. 

- Retrieve

After scanning, the documents will be stored at a secured location. However, any original documentation may be requested to be retrieved at any time. 

- Quick and Easy Search Function

No need to waste time to find a file. Simply search for your document by using a file number, name, surname, ID , Keyword etc.

- Drag and drop

Make the system your own. Upload your own documents onto the system with just a drag-and-drop 

- Shred

Getting rid of aged, unnecessary, unwanted or confidential documents. At DocSolutions we are able to manage your documents ageing, being able to notify you when it’s time to shred certain documents (optional and only done with written permission). Certificates for proof of destruction are provided. 


As we service various different industries our system is extensively customasible to ensure we tailor your portal according to your needs and requirements. Documents will be indexed accordingly (Document type, date etc,.). You even determine the access and  permissions on your portal per staff member. 


Calendar Management

Electronic as well as Off site storage

Calendar Management


Create and Manage Meetings, Appointments and Events throughout your company

Task Scheduling

Electronic as well as Off site storage

Calendar Management


 Create  and schedule tasks for employees and track their progress.

Electronic as well as Off site storage

Electronic as well as Off site storage

Electronic as well as Off site storage


Contact List Management

Contact List Management

Electronic as well as Off site storage


Create a shared Contact list. Should  you need a number or email address for  a client, supplier, patient etc., just do a quick search on the system. 

Record Management

Contact List Management

Record Management

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Secure database

DocSolutions undertake to ensure that the database on which the documents will be uploaded and stored is secure and protected. Our clients will have access to these electronically saved documents at any time and will be provided with a unique username and password. Our database is secured by two firewalls (Software based as well as device type firewall). In this regard, all user access of this system is controlled via Active Directory, and cannot be accessed externally. This way we can ensure that all data stored on our system will be safe and secured.  


At DocSolutions we strive to, at all times, do our utmost best to keep contents of the files and documents confidential. Only our scanning representatives will have access to the contents, which is also bound by a confidentiality agreement to ensure that all content are kept confidential.